How to Adopt a Rescued Horse

Adopting a rescue is a big responsibility and it is not to be taken lightly.

We rehabilitate all types of horses, from those with experience in the competition ring to those who have been feral most of their lives and just need a companion.

These horses have been through a very rough time and need a caring and loving individual who will do what is right by the horse. If you are such an individual please consider a rescue for your next horse. You will make a difference in a horses life.

 Adoption Process

 1. Filling out an adoption application first speeds up the adoption process. The form can be found on this page, below

 2. Come by and look at the horses. We require that you make a minimum of four visits before adopting. We try to make sure that the horse and person are a good match. We will also require you to ride the horse if the horse is ridable. That way we can confirm that you are capable of handling the horse and comfortable riding.

 3. A facility inspection of the place where you will be keeping the horse must be done to ensure it is safe and acceptable for the horse.

 4. Once the above steps have taken place and you are found to be a fitting adopter, you are ready to pick your horse up. At that time, you will sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee.

 5. You’re done! It’s pretty easy.

Unwanted Horses

Unwanted horses are becoming more prevalent as the economy continues to decline.  In a lot of cases, people have no choice but to find homes for their animals but they want to make sure that the horses go to a home where they will be well cared for and loved. These horses can be donated to Seven's Haven to be adopted through our adoption program, however, we have limited space available and decision to accept unwanted horses will be on a case by case basis and be based on space available at the farm, funds available and the individual horses circumstances. Horses will be evaluated and made available for adoption and their adoption fees will be used to feed and care for the remaining Seven's horses.

Please understand that as much as we would like to take in every needy and unwanted horse, we are constrained by our space and our funds.